This battle-tested backpack is among the toughest on the planet — and it’s now 25 percent off

There are few backpacks more durable, versatile, and reliable than the GR1 backpack from GORUCK

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The GORUCK GR1 backpack

There are few backpacks more durable, versatile, and reliable than the GR1 backpack from GORUCK

Founded by former Green Beret Jason McCarthy back in 2008, GORUCK claims its products are “based in every way on the lessons I learned in community, both in training and in war.” The resulting bags are a testament to the company and its community, and with good reason: made from “Special Forces grade materials,” GORUCK’s bags were designed specifically to withstand all of the harshness and traumas of both war and peace.

Indeed, we’ve been fans of GORUCK since we first tested out their GR1 back in 2016

The GR1 and GR2 are the superhero versions of your average bag: They’ve been tried and tested in military-spec submersion tests, which means that they are highly water-resistant. Made with YKK zippers that have silent, glove-friendly zipper pulls constructed from parachute 550 cord — they’re quiet and stealthy. The bags also have the best, and the toughest laptop storage ever built — it’s even bomb-proof.

Comfort is one of the best things I’ve found about GORUCK bags. The shoulder straps and top handle are extra padded to carry heavier loads more comfortably. Plus, they’re more durable than any other bag I’ve tried. With high stress points that are strength tested at over 400 pounds, GORUCK bags are capable of holding more weight than anyone should ever ruck with.Look, 

Look, Army Special Forces veterans swear by it. Urban-dwelling civilians swear by it. Even the motherf*cking Punisher swears by it. Need we say more? 

Luckily, you don’t have to shell out a fortune to own one of these bad boys. Originally priced at $265, the company is now selling its iconic GR1 backpack for just $199. 

Whether you’re rucking up a storm or fleeing the country, GORUCK’s GR1 backpack is certainly worth the investment.


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