Snag a LifeStraw water filter for a major Black Friday deal on Amazon

Always be prepared with a LifeStraw personal water filtration system.

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Imagine this: Partway through a long hike in the wilderness, you’re taking a break and discover that, somehow, you’ve managed to deplete your water supply faster than you expected. With empty water bottles and a flaccid hydration bladder strapped to your back, you’re left to rely on your trusty water filtration system to stay hydrated in the great outdoors. Did you bring one? And if you did, is it one you can rely on?

If you’re worried about this scenario striking you, fear not: you can now score a super-reliable LifeStraw water filtration system for more than 40 percent off on Amazon through Black Friday.

Ranking number one among camping and hiking water filters on Amazon and a fixture of Task & Purpose’s own list of the best backpacking water filters of the year, the LifeStraw is highly rated for a reason. As our reviewer put it, the LifeStraw is the ideal water filter for trips through the backcountry, weighing less than two ounces, filtering to 0.2 microns, and capable of purifying up to 1 liter per minute under ideal circumstances. According to the company, the LifeStraw removes 99.999999 percent of bacteria, 99.999 percent of parasites, and 99.999 percent of microplastics, dirt, sand and other cloudiness. With no shelf life, the LifeStraw is the ultimate survival tool, one every backpacker amateur or serious should rely on. And while you may not like lying on your stomach in the dirt to drink from your water source, there’s no denying that the LifeStraw delivers an incredible value for its price.

Normally $29.95, the LifeStraw is currently available on Amazon for more than 40 percent off at the low price of just over $17. Grab one now and be prepared for your next trip into the great outdoors!

LifeStraw personal water filter

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