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If you find yourself longing for nights in the field because your barracks room is so shitty, you’re not alone.

Military housing can be downright inhumane. Assuming you’re dealing with run-of-the-mill barracks woes and not some kind of biohazard that’s going to end up used in a class-action lawsuit commercial, there’s hope for a better life. A little cleaning here, a few choice upgrades there, and you can have your barracks room feeling like a worthy candidate for MTV Cribs: Military Edition.

Right now, you can take advantage of Amazon Prime Day deals to take your barracks room from shabby to chic without maxing out your credit card. Trust me when I tell you that you don’t know what you’re missing. Here are some of the best things you can buy to make your quality of life a whole lot better.

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Right now, you can save $80 on an XBox Series S and a controller and a wireless headset by bundling the two. Take advantage of Amazon Prime Day by treating yourself to a better gaming experience that helps you disconnect, even if it’s just for a little while.

As much as your OIC wants to believe that you spend all your free time on PME and online SAPR training, you and I both know that those hours are spent gaming. Embrace your hobby with a hair that’s not only comfortable, but massages your tired muscles while you relax. Prime Day has this one discounted more than 40 percent (down to less than $85.00). It’s a nice endulgance that doesn’t break the bank.

Quality sleep is key. If you’re tossing and turning in scratchy sheets, you can’t expect to recover from PT, relax after a hard day, or wake up refreshed and ready for work. Snuggle into these high-end Egyptian cotton sheets for $59.99 instead of the usual $74.99. They’re machine washable, have deep pockets for a secure fitted sheet, and get softer with every use.

Oh yes, we went there. Everybody poops, but people who eat at the chow hall need to give their rear center pocket a little extra TLC. For $89.00 (down from $119.20), you can turn your barrcks bathroom into a spa experience fit for a general. There is a more expensive model that uses hot water from your sink, but this one isn’t reliant on having a sink right next to the toilet so it will work for more people. As an added bonus, you’ll be in good shape the next time the military has a toilet paper shortage (and you know it will).

Warm towels are something you’ve probably never thought about, but once you experience them you won’t be able to go back. This one has room for a bath towel, robe, and pajamas so you can get your whole evening routine ready before you step out of the shower. There’s no need to leave it running all the time, because it heats up in just a few minutes and shuts off automatically for safety and efficiency. Normally, this kind of pampering would ru you more than $150, but on Amazon Prime Day you can get it for $99.99.

I wish I loved anything as much as the military loves growing dangerous mold in on-base housing. It might take your command decades to sort that kind of thing out, but there are things you can do to clean up the air you breathe to some degree. This air purifier is on sale for $84.99 compared to $99.99. It has a HEPA filter and reduces the amount of dust, smoke, fumes, pollen, and bacteria in the air. Stay on top of filter replacements to keep it performing at its best.

Luxury is defined by light and space. This corner lamp will bathe your walls in color, and you can control what color that is, how often it changes, and how bright it is. You can even use this as an alarm clock to wake you up gently and naturally. A Prime Day deal has it marked down 20 percent, so get one or two while they’re cheap and be amazed at how much more delightful your barracks room can be.

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