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Cold Steel knives are some of our favorites on the market, offering unbeatable prices and wild designs. That said, the company also makes knives that hardly anyone else is willing to make, for better or for worse — and that means, of course, items that are best described as ‘mall ninja.’ Still, we think that fortune favors the bold, and Cold Steel has some of their more interesting designs at a deep discount for Amazon Prime Day 2022.

Pick up Cold Steel knives for Amazon Prime Day and see why these offerings live up to the company’s motto of “The World’s Sharpest, Sturdiest Knives.” Chances are, you won’t be disappointed.

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Price: $195
Save: 49%

Let’s face it, a 12-inch Japanese dagger is just plain cool, and Cold Steel’s master tanto is extremely well-finished. Maybe you don’t need it for cutting yourself free of your reins if you fall off your horse, or defending yourself in close combat, but this Magnum Tanto will no doubt make for hours of exciting watermelon-slicing in the backyard.

The Commando

Price: $131.50
Save: 56%

Cold Steel advertises this as a “Camping Knife” and, well, sure. In reality, the Tai Pan is a thoroughbred commando dagger, featuring a spear-point blade, double edges, and a crossguard. Channeling the same DNA as the daggers that WWII OSS and Special Boat Service commandos carried, the Tai Pan is a fine addition to anyone’s kit.

The Practical Choice

Price: $40.79
Save: 57%

Let’s say you want a knife that’s designed for everyday use. You’re in luck, because in addition to being known for making some of the craziest knives on the market, Cold Steel is also known for making fantastically affordable and practical knives, and the Voyager is one of them. Featuring VG-10 steel and the ultra-sturdy Tri-Ad lock.

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