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Maybe you just watched Top Gun: Maverick and need to put a pair of aviators on your face as soon as possible. Maybe you have a range day or field exercise coming up and want eye pro that doesn’t immediately fog up and scratch as soon as the range goes hot. Or who knows, maybe you’re just sick of looking like a boot every time you leave base.

Right now, Oakley and Ray-Ban Prime Day deals for Amazon Prime Day are coming in hot, and you can save stacks of cash on the eye pro and sunglasses you actually want to wear. We snatched up the best deals so you can beat the rush, so take a look below and add a little flair to your face.

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There is simply no better accessory for air-to-air combat, shirtless beach sports, and seducing civilian contractors. This is the real deal, marked down from $213.00 to $149.83 for Prime Day.

Why the Oakley M Frame isn’t in everyone’s standard issue is beyond me. At least you can get this badass eye pro for 30 percent off today. That’s $102.20 compared to the usual $146.00. These ballistic glasses carry ANSI Z87.1 and MIL-PRF-31013 approval, so they’re ready to rock in the field, at the range, or overseas. They filter out UV light, have a permanent anti-fog coating, and are damn tough. Get some.

Behold the official sunglasses of cops who don’t give warnings. Everyone who stands duty needs a pair of these to wear at all hours to let everyone know you’re not screwing around. These glasses cost $98.93 instead of $125.00 and meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard (but not MIL-PRF-31013). That means they aren’t cut out for military shooting, but they can withstand beer bottles thrown by belligerent assholes in the barracks.

These timeless shades never go out of style. If anything, they’re getting cooler with each fashion icon that wears them; yourself included. Normally they sell for $163.00, but today you can grab a pair for only $114.10. Saving money is cool, too, you know.

Everyone loves the Holbrook, and the Holbrook Mix adds extra meat with stainless steel reinforcement and these killer sapphire iridium polarized lenses. Normally, you’d need officer money to drop $230 on a pair of these, but on Prime Day you can get them for $161.70.

Like the regular Holbrook; but extra large and, therefore, extra swaggy. Available today for $137.90 instead of $197.00.

Aviators and Wayfarers get all the glory, but these hexagonal sunglasses look epic with that sleek, tortoise shell frame. Wear them with board shorts or a tux. This kind of style should set you back $186.00, but a Prime Day discount has them marked down to $130.20.

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