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“Get something else? Get deez nuts, it’s not about the glasses, it’s about the dedication to belligerency” said Marine Cpl. Devin Cavanna, once upon a time. ‘Belligerency’ isn’t really a word, but it might as well be one given that Pit Vipers — America’s favorite brand of douche glasses — is having a 30% off sale across its entire inventory this week. That means you can finally get a pair of Pit Vipers that match that mustache you’re growing to ride the wave of Miles Teller ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ mania into someone’s bedroom without breaking the bank

The only real problem with Pit Viper sunglasses is that they’re usually pretty expensive, especially if you want the BALL-ISTIC sunglasses that we wrote about last year. Thankfully, the rad gods at Pit Viper have seen fit to celebrate Father’s Day, the Army’s birthday, and Pride Month by offering this sweet deal through June 17th. With the discount applied, you can pick up most of their glasses for $69. Nice! 

So if you want to look like a cross between Macho Man Randy Savage and a member of the Squirtle Squad, the time is now for you to park your face between a pair of Pit Vipers.