Our GoatGuns holiday wish list

This holiday season we’ve discovered the ultimate stocking stuffer.

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This holiday season we’ve discovered the ultimate stocking stuffer for all the 2nd amendment enthusiasts in your life. GoatGuns. Insanely realistic replica firearms at 1/3rd the size and 1/50th the price of the real things

The wildly popular die-cast models are so intricately designed that you can take them apart and reassemble them exactly like their functional counterparts. They’re like smaller, more awesome versions of the ultra-realistic car models loved by generations of auto enthusiasts.

If you’re like us and enjoy firearms, but don’t have the paycheck to support your habit, then a GoatGun or three may be just the fidget-spinner alternative you’ve been looking for. The guns are not recommended for display in office spaces if you value being employed, since the hours of productivity lost by fiddling with the completely functional actions and accessories will definitely get you fired. But don’t think that these are just toys. They’re more like non-functioning firearms that just happen to be sized for a Keebler Elf. Down to and including tiny, adorable bullets that load with an equally adorable click into their tiny magazines.

 And they don’t stop with basic iron sights either. You can trick out your micro arsenal with a completely accurate catalogue of attachments so sexy you’ll wish you could afford them on a real firearm. ACOG’s, M68s, extended mags, pistol grips, M203 grenade launchers, suppressors, carrying handles, iron sights….you get the picture. The list goes on an impressive and surprisingly long time.

It’s hard to define exactly why these things are so great to handle. Up to 16 ounces of die-cast metal gives them each a surprisingly hefty feel. The intricate parts can be assembled and dis-assembled over and over again. Even the bolts slide!

Check out some of the videos here and see them for yourselves.

Now, after spending some time diving into the weirdly fascinating world of GoatGuns, we’re hooked and looking forward to Christmas this year.

So on that note we present our stocking stuffer wish list:

Close Quarters Funtime– For the door kickers who can appreciate a sexy rig, there’s not much better than a Mini-Sig MCX with CQB holo sight, angled foregrip, suppressor, and slip-grip mag.

Reach out and Touch Someone- So what if you can’t plink a steel target at 1000 yards? The coworker jealously eyeballing your .50 Cal Beretta desk bling doesn’t need to know that.

The Dictator’s Best Friend- From Ba’athist presidents with terrifying moustaches to Libyan colonels cruising the desert, nothing screams ‘I run this joint’ more than a gold-plated old reliable; the AK-47, with iron sights and drum mag for all the indiscriminate celebratory gunfire.

Don’t take our word for it. Choose and customize your favorite rig or pick up a few miniature racks and build an entire family armory for your loved ones this holiday season.

This article was sponsored by GoatGuns.