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Amazon Prime Day is chock full of good deals, but every once in a while you can sniff out a major bargain on a serious piece of gear –– and that’s exactly what we’re dealing with here. For $150 less than you’d normally pay, you can upgrade from that sad little grill you’re burning patties on right now to an awesome pellet smoker from Traeger.

If you haven’t tasted food prepared on a Traeger, you’re missing out. Trust the online hordes of loyal customers when they sing the brand’s praises. Hell, I got through quarantine in 2020 by smoking two or three briskets a week and used it all winter in Wisconsin. I can vouch for how damn good these things are. This one is the Pro Series 780, which is the perfect size for big family dinners and backyard get-togethers. Control this wifi-powered grill from inside with the app and consult a massive catalog of Trager recipes for ideas, tips, and techniques.  

“I kid you not, this gets more use than our stove,” one owner wrote. “Longest smoke to date has been 13 hours, and we even made an apple pie on it. Almost too easy to regulate with the app on your phone.”

Of all the things you can do to upgrade your cooking experience, enjoy your backyard more, or save money on Prime Day, this has to be one of the best. Go ahead and treat yourself; I bet you’ve earned it.

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This game-changer can smoke, grill, and transform the way you cook. At 15 percent off, it’ll cost you $849.95 instead of the usual $999.99.

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