If you’ve read our guide to binge-watching movies on deployment and still want more, allow me to refer you to one of the greatest movie franchises of all time: James Bond. The suave British spy has appeared in 24 movies since “Dr. No” was released in 1962, and you can buy every single one for $59.99. That’s cheaper than renting them individually, folks. Better yet, we found a smoking hot deal on a 55-inch TV so you can enjoy 007’s exploits in lifelike detail. Get the popcorn ready!

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Don’t miss a single second of Bond action. Get every chase scene, every gadget, every pun, and every romantic encounter for just about half price.

This cutting-edge TV converts everything you see into 4K. Its screen reduces glare and increases detail. The speakers adjust to the on-screen action to deliver sound in a way that puts you in the middle of the action. Best of all, you won’t pay $1,697.99; you’ll only pay $997.99 on Prime Day.

Now you can get movie theater popcorn every time you start one of your new James Bond movies, thanks to this little guy. Pop plain kernels for a healthier snack, or add butter and seasoning for flavor once it’s done. Right now you can save 44 percent and pay just $16.79 while the Prime Day deals last.

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