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Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to save money on life’s essentials and treat yourself to a new gadget, but it’s also a golden opportunity to set yourself up for the future. During the past few years, prepping has gone from a punch line to a legitimate priority for a lot of Americans, and we don’t blame them. While you’ll probably never have to go fully primal in the wilderness, it’s a good idea to have some basic supplies ready to go in case the power goes out, supply chains hit a snag, or certain goods get priced out of reach.

We hunted the best Prime Day deals in prepping and gathered them into one place so you can get what you need and get back to your day. If you want to take things a step further, check out this killer deal on a rooftop tent.

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Clean drinking water is essential, and this is one of the most popular (and reliable) means of ensuring that you awlays have access to it. Individual LifeStraw filters are marked down 67 percent today, so buy up as many as you can and stockpile them someplace safe.

Jackery earned a name for itself among the overlanding community by building powerful, reliable power stations that offer huge value. This 1,000-watt-hour power station is powerful enough to handle most campsites, and has multiple AC and DC power outlets. A 30-percent Prime Day discount has this one down from $1,099.00 to $769.30. Pair it with a solar panel for true off-grid independence.

To harness the power of the sun, you’ll need a solar panel. The SolarSaga 100 is a sturdy, compact, 100-watt solar panel that can keep your Explorer 1000 in business as long as you have a clear view of the sun. Today, Prime Day a discount lets you pick this solar panel up for 30 percent off; just $209.00 compared to the retail price of $299.99 that everyone who waits until tomorrow will have to pay.

Tap into three networks of GPS satellites, navigational tools, health monitoring programs, and environmental sensors to stay on track when you’re off grid. Use this Tactical edition’s stealth mode to fly under the radar. The current price of $259.99 is certainly more attractive than the regular price of $299.99, and you’ll have no problem keeping it charged with your solar generator.

If you can’t start a fire, you’re toast. Pick up a few ferro rods (because they are consumable) at 39 percent off, and learn how to use them. You’ll thank me someday.

Good old 550 cord gets all the love from US service members and veterans, but there’s nothing wrong with upgrading to stronger 1,000-pound paracord like this. At half price, it’s a no-brainer. Like ferro rods, paracord isn’t a thrilling purchase but it’s one of the best pieces of prepper gear you can buy.

Without access to the power grid, old-fashioned hand tools become incredibly important. This Fiskars chopping axe is a low-maintenance way to make sure you can cut firewood and build a shelter with your own two hands. Right now, it’s on sale for $44.24 for Prime Day.

While everyone else is scounging for the last loaf of bread, you can take comfort in knowing that you have the ability to produce your own food. Raised beds make that task a little easier, so grab a few of these galvanized steel ones while they’re on sale for $55.99.

Chickens are some of the easiest and most productive food animals you can raise. Keep those eggs coming by protecting your chickens with this pre-made coop. While the Prime Day sale lasts, you can save 20 percent and get this for $198.39.

The idea of a tactical spork makes me want to laugh, but it’s also pretty handy. You already know how useful a ferro rod can be so go ahead and add this to your mess kit. It’s 29 percent off today; why not?

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