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Having good shooting ear protection is not optional; you need it. Step away from the disposable ear plugs and military-issued crap and protect your hearing with active ear muffs that filter sound to deliver the range commands and ambient sounds you need without blowing your eardrums out with every shot fired. Every time you approach the firing line, you should be prepared, and solid ear pro is an essential part of that equation.

Today, you can get some of our favorite products from Walker’s, Peltor, and more for half price thanks to hefty Amazon Prime Day deals. Happy shopping, and happy shooting!

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Walker’s Razor earmuffs represent one of the best values in shooting ear protection as it is, but right now they’re marked down from $69.99 to $32.43 for Prime day. These electronic earmuffs are slim, comfortable, easy to operate, and well-built. They’re my personal go-to for most range work, and you’ll be delighted with them at this price.

Want something a little more advanced? Peltor Sport Tactical 500 earmuffs offer active hearing protection in addition to Bluetooth connectivity so you can use them to listen to audio and make calls from your phone. These normally run $200, but you can get them for $104.92 right now.

These active earmuffs from Howard Leight occupy a compelling middle ground between the Walker’s Razor and Peltor Sport Tactical 500. They’re not as technologically advanced as the Bluetooth-equipped Peltors, but they’re somehow even thinner than the Walker’s. If you can’t decide between the two, these are your winner for $38.15 instead of the normal retail price of $87.92.

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