Finally, A Morsel Of Good News For True Fans Of The French And Indian War!

You know the cliché about how “amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics, people who know what they’re talking about talk personnel policy”?

The American military history equivalent, I suspect, is “amateurs talk Civil War, professionals talk World War II and Vietnam, and people who know what they’re talking about talk the French & Indian War.” I mean, that’s an exaggeration, but the F&I; is where it all begins. The catastrophic defeat of General Braddock’s force in 1755 showed the world that the British army could be beaten. Overall the war ran up so much debt for the British that they tried to get the Americans to pay it, imposing taxes that lit the fuse of the Revolution.

I mention this because there is good news on the F& I front: The privately run, operated and manned Braddock museum outside Pittsburgh is being given a hand by the people at Fort Ligonier.