I am told that he is talking about doing just that—along with the World Trade Organization and European Union. Axios also recently had a similar story, quoting Trump as saying at the G-7 that, “NATO is as bad as NAFTA.”

If what I am hearing is accurate, that is very worrisome. And also a great victory for one Vladimir Putin.

Arizona State professor Braden Allenby observes that Trump “has, almost without fail, implemented the Russian playbook. Attack media of target country? Check. Attack institutions of target country, especially those involved in security (e.g., FBI)? Check. Corruption of local leadership (not just Executive, but a fair number of Republicans in House)? Check. Weaken global institutional structures that impede Mr. Putin’s activities, especially in his near abroad? Check.”

It will be interesting to see what Trump says coming out of his summit meeting with Putin next month. A smart Republican friend of mine predicts that Trump will move to withdraw U.S. forces from Germany and also recognize Putin’s taking of Crimea.

Undercutting NATO also might be the Trump move that makes Mattis resign as Secretary of Defense.

Is Trump Out To Dismantle NATO?