Editor’s Note: The following story highlights a job opportunity at Rite Aid. Committed to filling its ranks with talented members of the military community, Rite Aid is a Hirepurpose client. Learn more here.

Hirepurpose recently partnered with Rite Aid to focus on hiring veterans for Asset Protection Agent (APA) roles. The primary responsibility is to protect retail locations against “shrinkage” — a loss of inventory through petty theft and shoplifting. The APA is an in-house detective: a job that requires maturity, diligence, and focus to perform well.

Hirepurpose found that the APA role appears exceedingly well-suited for veterans. Hirepurpose spent the day with a Rite Aid manager and his team to learn more about the APA role and the potential career path. We found that successful APAs embody the soft skills and traits of transitioning service-members.

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The APA role is not only an appealing job, but also a promising career launchpad. The role exposes you to some of the most critical aspects of running a successful retail location including: inventory control, logistics, compliance, and investigations. All of which equip a veteran for entry into a career in retail management. APAs will receive a combination of structured and on-the-job training that covers everything needed to perform the role well.

Rite Aid is an organization that develops leadership skills to help individuals maximize their career potential within the company. The APA role is an ideal starting point for those who desire a management career but do not have the managerial background to immediately transition into a leadership role. A great example of career advancement was the Rite Aid store manager who was interviewed by Hirepurpose. He was hired as a cashier and was promoted to a managerial position within a year.

An Asset Protection Agent will be assigned to a certain number of Rite Aid stores within a district. This particular position will play a vital role in daily business operations while maintaining safety, compliance, and security within stores. The daily responsibilities for this position involve conducting investigations, making observations, and detaining individuals who may have committed crimes within the store. An APA will have to maintain security operations and train store associates regarding company policies and procedures. More responsibilities involve assisting in monitoring distribution center shipments, daily deliveries and packages. An Asset Protection Agent is able to practice their management and leadership skills every day.

Starting a career as an Asset Protection Agent is a great way to utilize one’s previous military experience. An Asset Protection Agent is an entry-level position that is a rewarding career choice with many opportunities for advancement. Rite Aid is striving to hire qualified veterans like you, so if you are looking for a satisfying career that you are passionate about, an Asset Protection Agent position should be the next step in your career path.

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