New Air Force and Space Force workout uniforms are rolling out to troops in basic training and will be available across the services in the coming months.

Airmen in basic training began receiving the Air Force’s latest physical training gear in April and the PT gear is expected to hit exchange shelves in July, according to Army and Air Force Exchange Service spokesperson Chris Ward.

Air Force

The Air Force’s workout uniforms don’t look like middle-aged dad gear anymore – the new threads are sleeker and more form-fitting. And while the previous generation of uniforms were made of 1990s-era windbreaker materials that made a swishing sound when you walked, the replacements are made with softer, quieter fabrics.

“With the ‘notorious’ track jacket, we’ve made updates to the fabric to minimize the noise it makes during workouts,” an Air Force official said when the uniform was announced in 2021.

The new uniforms have quick-dry, antimicrobial, and moisture and odor control features which are common in civilian gym wear.

The new gear includes a jacket, pants, t-shirts and two pairs of shorts with — for the first time — different workouts in mind. One shorter pair is designed for running while the  other one is longer for other physical activities like lifting weights. In 2021, the service said a long-sleeved shirt and hoodie were in development, but have not yet been released.

“The approach the Air Force has now taken is to develop a uniform that is earmarked for runners or running and one that is better designed for some of those other athletic activities,” Col. Paul Burger, 88th Air Base Wing Mission Support Group commander said in 2021.

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When designs for the new PT gear were released in 2021, the upgraded features included a jacket more tailored than the older, bulkier one with a chest pocket for a CAC (common access card); zipper hip pockets on the all-purpose shorts; mesh side panels on runner shorts with improved airflow and stretch liner “for modesty”; a t-shirt designed to be untucked during workouts or tucked back for in-garrison wear.

The gear arrives after more than two years of delays. The service announced in March 2021,   that the new PT uniforms would be available to Airmen in 2022 with a four-year transition period for mandatory wear. The Air Force did not respond to inquiries by Task & Purpose about the timeline delay, though the Air Force Times linked it to supply chain disruptions. 

Space Force

Space Force announced in March that its new PT gear had landed. The Space Force opted for black jackets, pants and shorts while the Air Force stuck with its shade of dark blue. The Space Force T-shirt is a dark gray compared to the Air Force’s light gray.

Air Force photo
U.S. Space Force trainees from 1st Delta Operations Squadron Detachment 1 stand at parade rest while wearing the new Space Force Physical Training Uniform March 8, 2024, at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. (U.S. Space Force photos by 2nd Lt. Kate Anderson)

Similar to the Air Force, the new Space Force uniforms have breathable, moisture-wicking materials to “help curb sweat and odor.” Guardian PT uniforms will be available in both men’s and women’s sizes, rather than unisex.

Guardian trainees in basic training began receiving their new PT uniforms on March 8. New workout gear will be available for purchase at select AAFES locations in the next few months at Peterson, Schriever, Buckley, Vandenberg, and Patrick Space Force Bases, Los Angeles Air Force Base, and the Pentagon, according to a service release. The clothing cost will be included in Guardians’ uniform replacement allowance.

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