The Army is looking for some fresh body parts — $32.5 million worth, to be precise.

An Army Medical Command solicitation published on Thursday details a need “fresh frozen cadaver limbs” for combat surgery training at the Army Medical Department Center & School (AMEDDC&S) at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso (TTUHSC-EP).

The multi-million dollar solicitation details a need for several distinct items, including 16 “fresh frozen cadaver,” 16 “pelvis to toe tip w/ sacrum” (legs, from the toes to the shield-shaped bone that connects the spine to the pelvis), and 16 “shoulder w/Arm w/Clavicle” (arms, fingertip to clavicle).

So wings and drumsticks, basically.

The Army has used cadavers since the 1850s to test the impact of firearms (like, famously, the .30 caliber M1903 Springfield eventually adopted in 1903) on the human body.

These particular body parts, however, are for the AMEDDC&S Department of Anatomy & Physiology for “annual analytical laboratory service,” namely the Combat Extremity Surgery Course (CESC) designed to train Army combat medics to treat various types of extremity trauma in austere conditions.

But it's worth noting that the Army wants solicitations by Sept. 24, less than a week after publishing its solicitation. So get those offers in ASAP, people — but just make sure that it's OK first.