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Dan Bilzerian Celebrates His Armenian Citizenship By Blowing Sh*t Up With A Bazooka

Paul Szoldra Avatar

Dan Bilzerian, the social media star/aspiring operator/dude-told-to-fuck-off-by-a-Las-Vegas-cop, just became a citizen of Armenia and celebrated by blowing shit up with a bazooka and firing off some machine guns with the country’s military.

The so-called “King of Instagram” said he flew to Armenia on Aug. 25, where the Tampa, Florida native was naturalized as a citizen of the former Soviet Republic. He “enthusiastically” received a copy of the country’s constitution and was photographed with officials after the ceremony, according to Mnatsakan Bichakhchyan, head of the passport and visa department of the Armenian Police.


On Instagram, where he has nearly 24 million followers, Bilzerian later posted a photograph of himself firing a rocket-propelled grenade, with the caption, “First day as an Armenian citizen.”

In videos posted on his account, Bilzerian was also seen flying in a Mil Mi-17 helicopter before landing at a firing range where he fired machine-guns, grenade launchers, an RPG, and what appeared to be a 30mm cannon on a Russian-made BMP.

Various members of the Armenian military could be seen around him.

The Daily Mail and others have speculated that Bilzerian will be conscripted into the country’s military since the country requires all citizens 18 to 27 to serve at least two years. But that rule doesn’t apply to Bilzerian, however, as dual citizens are exempt if they served in another country’s military for at least one year (Bilzerian served in the Navy for just over a year, with three unsuccessful attempts to pass Navy SEAL training).