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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, in first appearance in weeks, vows to bolster nuclear ‘deterrence’

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hosted a meeting to discuss the country’s nuclear capabilities, state media said on Sunday, marking his first appearance in three weeks after a previous absence sparked global speculation about his health. Ruling Workers’ Party officials wore face masks to greet Kim as he entered the meeting […]

Trump Returns To The UN With Praise For North Korea — And A Warning For Iran

UNITED NATIONS — A year after he derided North Korea’s dictator as “Rocket Man,” President Donald Trump expressed lavish praise for Kim Jong Un on Monday as the president prepared to use his second United Nations address to denounce what an aide called Iran’s “global torrent of destructive activity.” In New York for the annual […]

Mattis: US Could Restart Large-Scale Wargames In South Korea

U.S. troops may resume holding large-scale military exercises in South Korea, Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters on Tuesday. During a rare on-camera Pentagon news briefing alongside Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford, Mattis said the U.S. military does not expect to suspend any further military exercises on the Korean peninsula. […]

President Trump Saluted A North Korean General And The Media Lost Their Minds

It’s time we faced an honest, perhaps unpleasant truth: All presidents look silly when they salute. All. Presidents. Public domain Public domain So let’s not judge President Donald Trump too harshly for doing what apparently came naturally when a uniformed, covered North Korean officer saluted the U.S. president, as shown in the communist state-run media’s […]

What If The Trump-Kim Summit Wasn’t Really About Nuclear Disarmament?

The most thoughtful thing I’ve read recently about the Trump-Kim talks is by Arthur Waldron, who teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. His core point: “This meeting is not about nuclear disarmament or security guarantees, though they will form much of its substance while receiving disproportionate media and analytical attention. A more accurate appraisal is […]

Trump: War Games In South Korea Cancelled. Pentagon: WTF?

The Pentagon is still trying to figure out what President Trump meant when he said on Tuesday that the United States would cancel its war games with South Korea. Task & Purpose roamed the halls of the five-sided funhouse all day, trying to get clarity on the president’s comments, but it only became apparent that […]

7 Lines Trump Just Gifted To North Korea’s Propaganda Machine

It’s almost 7 a.m. here on the west coast of the United States. As I and most of America slept, our president was on television praising a dictator, who currently has more than 200,000 of his own citizens locked up in Nazi-like prison camps, as a “very talented man” who “loves his people.” Admittedly, I […]

Mattis: No Plans To Discuss That Thing Kim Really Wants From A Trump Summit

When President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un meet in Singapore on Tuesday, Kim is almost certain to press the United States to withdraw its troops from South Korea. But that is not an issue for North Korea to decide, said Defense Secretary James Mattis. “That would be a discussion between two democracies: […]

Bashar Al-Assad Wants To Visit North Korea To Take Part In Super-Villain Summit

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says he will visit North Korea at a date and time to be determined to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, in what is sure to be a historic meeting of two of the world’s biggest super-villains. “I am going to visit the [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] and meet […]

Trump’s North Korea Summit Is Back On

President Donald Trump announced Friday that his much-hyped summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was back on for June 12th in Singapore. WATCH NEXT: UPDATE: This story was updated on June 1 with President Trump’s comments to reporters.

The US Has Pissed Off Iran, China And North Korea This Week — And It’s Only Thursday

Only four days into the work week, the United States government has already managed to aggravate China, North Korea, and Iran, thus creating the potential for the biggest great-power melee since Bob Barker kicked Adam Sandler’s ass in Happy Gilmore. Let’s recap: North Korea on the outs On Thursday, President Donald Trump cancelled a much-ballyhooed […]

President Trump Walks Away From Heralded Summit With North Korean Dictator

President Trump – who wrote in his memoir, “Know when to walk away from the table” – has cancelled a meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un over that country’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program. WATCH NEXT: UPDATE: This story was updated on May 24 with President Trump’s comments from the White House.

The Trump White House Has Given Us The Dumbest Challenge Coin Of All Time

There’s trouble brewing for President Donald Trump’s historic, unprecedented, spur-of-the-moment summit with the grandson of a communist revolutionary who carved up the Korean peninsula, along with 37,000 or so American servicemembers, back in the day. Also, the White House made a challenge coin to commemorate the maybe-happening summit. Sorry, they didn’t design or produce it; […]