Dirty magazines… when we say dirty magazines, we know you’re thinking of the ones your buddy snuck in a care package and sent you downrange. Sure, that may have put you in a little bit of trouble, but let’s be honest: your First Sergeant would be secretly thanking you for the centerfolds if he confiscated it. No, we’re talking about a different dirty magazine that could get you in trouble. Real trouble.

We're talking about the one in your weapon.

As PoliceOne so eloquently put it, “A good magazine will make a pistol run like a felon on his ‘third strike’ but a bad one will make it choke like a chubby partner wolfing down his lunch too fast in between calls.”

Here are 3 reasons to clean your magazines regularly:

1. Because we said so.

Cleaning your magazine is essential to how your gun functions. Most owners pay a lot of attention to the “sparkle factor,” making sure that the barrel is all shiny and the gun looks all fancy to impress their friends at the range or in their insta selfies. But if you don’t clean your magazine, you’re missing a critical step. You get it: you can wax your Dodge Ram all day, but if you don’t do requisite maintenance on that bad boy, it’s not going to run properly. #analogies

Don’t believe us? The Official U.S. Army Combat Skills Handbook recommends it too. “Clean your magazines, but avoid using any lubrication in them or on ammunition. Unload and wipe off your ammunition daily, then disassemble and run a rag through the magazine to prevent jamming.”

2. FOD is a four-letter word.

Just as you have to do a FOD walk down on the flight line to check for foreign object debris, you need to be checking your magazine for FOD too. You’ll be amazed at what your magazine can innocently collect. Sure, you’re trained to clean your gun after you fire it, but what about looking for lint after you conceal carry? Dust, dirt, and corrosion can impact your weapon’s ability to fire correctly when you need it.

3. It can lead to the worst-case scenario.

Imagine you actually find yourself in a life-threatening situation. The countless hours of training kick in and you’re able to remain calm, assess the situation, and determine you need to defend yourself and your family. It’s you or the bad guy; life or death. Can you imagine if your gun jams because your magazine is corroded simply because you neglected it? It’s one thing to misfire at a range during target practice, it’s another when your life's on the line.

Just like making sure your Ram has functioning brakes, ensure your weapon has a functioning magazine by keeping it clean or buying a new one. To help you with the latter effort, check out the incredible products and resources at

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