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A Marine Gunner Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Mags

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When it comes to magazines, there’s no shortage of options — which is why the 2nd Marine Division’s firearm expert, Chief Warrant Officer Christian P. Wade, is back in another video to give even the most seasoned Marine the knowledge they need to load up and unleash hell downrange. In the most recent video, which dropped on July 5, Wade shows off a wide range of magazines before breaking down their potential deadly applications.

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“These are the magazines that you can bet your life on, and only these,” the Camp Lejeune, North Carolina-based arms expert says in the video, standing before a veritable cornucopia of gun swag.

The only three authorized for use on deployment (meaning they’ve passed the full range of Army and Marine Corps tests) are the green follower metal magazine, the tan follower magazine, and, finally, the GenM3 windowed polymer magazine — the preferred mag for those headed downrange.

“Make sure you’re deploying with this magazine right here,” says Wade of the GenM3 mag, “because your life and the life of the Marines around you may depend on it.”