Do you like Legos? How about remote-controlled helicopters? And what if I told you that you could combine both for less than $200?

Now, you can, thanks to a company called “Flybrix.”

According to Gizmodo, Flybrix lets you buy and construct your very own drone at $149 for a basic kit, and $189 for a deluxe kit.

The Flixbrix kits come with propellers, motors, custom boom-arm bricks that allow them to be attached to other Lego designs, and you can build your drone with four, six, or eight motors, depending on what you prefer. What’s more, they can even be controlled with a smartphone.

“We think that Orville and Wilbur would have loved to get their hands on a Flybrix kit,” according to the Flybrix site. “After you master the basics, you’ll be ready to experiment with your own designs.”

And don’t worry about crashing them into walls, trees, or anything else. Unlike normal drones, which only come with extra propellers, Flybrix drones can be rebuilt bigger and better every time you break them.

Flybrix aren’t officially affiliated with Lego, but they are compatible, so you can stack to your heart’s content.

See the Flybrix Quadcopter in action below.