Requesting leave in the military is an art form. 

It shouldn't be, but anyone who has ever had their request bounced back because their commanding officer didn't like how they wanted to spend their off-time can attest to this.

So, to ensure the paperwork goes through, you make a few creative changes. Instead of writing: “I'm requesting leave to go Las Vegas to blow my hard-earned deployment pay on high-stakes poker games and possibly get in deep with loan sharks,” maybe you just tell your command you're attending a business seminar in Nevada.

Did you tell your CO that you were requesting leave so you could go wrestle bears, eat bacon, and have unprotected sex with your wife because you're a man, like this Army specialist did

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If so, then Task & Purpose wants to hear from you so we can honor you virtuosos of vacation, and Leaonardo Da Vincis of leave-requests.

Those interested should send screenshots or photos of their requests to with the subject line “This is my batshit insane leave request.”

(If you have any concerns over being identified in the story, let us know. We're not trying to throw you under that party bus you took leave to hop on.)

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