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Are you looking for adventure in your next Southwest Asian adventure-vacation experience? Look no further than Camp Morehead, an all inclusive multi-national retreat conveniently located inside Camp Commando — just a few miles southwest of Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul. Imagine a truly communal experience where an Aspen winter getaway meets combat chíc furnishings all set against the backdrop of a historical area that has been at war nearly non-stop since Alexander the Great first invaded in 330 BC.

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The Space

Camp Commando is a communal living experience, but you’ll have privacy in your VIP sleeping quarters, which include a full-sized bed with freshly laundered bedware, a desk with folding chair, as well as a standalone closet for safe storage of all your adventure equipment. Platinum Members will also receive a complimentary 220 to 100 outlet converter!

Need to use the bathroom? You’re in for a treat! As you move between the dorm-style sleeping quarters and the community bathroom building, you’ll steal a glimpse of the beautiful Spin Ghar mountain range. It’s the perfect opportunity for a #selfie before your body rids itself of last night’s MWR popcorn, which is doused in our proprietary butter mix designed to give your bowels their own adventure. The shower room is separate from the toilet room — of course — but make sure to bring a set of shower shoes: This is a sharing community, but not when it comes to foot fungus.

No all-inclusive resort package would be complete without world-class dining. At Camp Morehead, you have the opportunity to eat good at the award-winning Chow Hall. Meals are prepared hot three times a day, along with a gourmet sandwich bar and 24/7 access to coffee or tea. At least once a week, you’ll be treated to our chef’s famous steak and ribs, fresh off the outdoor grill. They’re a mouth-watering tour de force for your taste buds; an experience that will have you coming back for more, year after year, deployment after deployment. And of course, in keeping with our community-oriented experience, you’ll dine with your fellow campmates on long plastic tables arranged to provoke stimulating conversation that will surely forge lifelong friendships.

T&P; photo by Marty Skovlund Jr.

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Camp Morehead boasts a buffet of community-oriented amenities, to include:

  • Pool table
  • TVs to catch your favorite AFN program
  • A business center complete with six fullyusually functional computers
  • Free wi-fi
  • An indoor movie room with stadium seating (Make sure to grab a bag of our freshly popped laxatives popcorn!)

But why sit inside when you can enjoy the fresh mountain air in our outdoor movie theater under the night sky? That’s right, a few times a week we get the whole camp together to watch a movie on our outdoor screen; it’s the perfect way to relax after a full day’s activities!

Need to burn off some of that delicious Chow Hall™ dessert? Head over to our indoor gym, complete with all the equipment you could possibly want to get a sweat going. Need a little bit of motivation? Don’t worry, we always keep a few Slovak Commandos in the gym at all times to make you feel bad about your current state of physical fitness.

If you want to experience all that Camp Morehead has to offer, then you must go on the weekly Mountain Walk. It’s a six-mile hike in the surrounding Spin Ghar mountains with over 2,000 feet of elevation gain, led by our experienced guides who had lungs twice the size of normal humans surgically implanted shortly after arriving at Camp Morehead.

For our history buffs, take a tour of the Soviet Boneyard™. During the Soviet invasion and failed occupation in the 1980s, Camp Morehead was the site of multiple large tank battles as well as the location of their elite Spetsnaz paratrooper training camp. Their burnt-out military vehicles have now been collected into a single outdoor art arrangement, perfect for an afternoon walking tour that visually highlights the failures of the Soviet Union’s Cold War exploits.

T&P; photo by Marty Skovlund Jr.

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After you’ve stocked up on cigars at the PX, head over to the Tali-banned Cigar Club™. This club is oriented toward the freedom-loving cigar aficionado who wants to light one up while the commandos are out lighting ‘em up. While you’re there, make sure to pick up our signature Tali-banned hoodie:

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Other Things To Note

Make sure to pack your personal protective equipment, including plates, plate carrier, and ballistic helmet. Sometimes we like to party hard at Camp Morehead!


We’re flexible. Here at Camp Morehead, we understand that life can be hectic and plans change. Hit an IED while road-trippin’ through Nangarhar? Did your Space-A flight not have any space available? Or maybe you got kidnapped while perusing the Kabul bazaar? No problem! Just give us at least 24 hours notice, and don’t worry, you can always re-schedule, because we’re not leaving anytime soon!

About The Host

NATO Special Operations Command Component-Alpha (NSOCC-A) oversees all special operations train, advise, and assist missions within the Operation Resolute Support footprint. With a suite of camps throughout Afghanistan, our hosts are knowledgeable and experienced; most of them have actually been to Afghanistan multiple times over the past 16 years.

The Neighborhood

T&P; photo by Marty Skovlund Jr.

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Camp Morehead is located within the larger Camp Commando complex, home to the Afghan National Army’s Commando School of Excellence, conveniently located just outside of Kabul and close to adventure shopping, adventure food, and local attractions like the famous Darul Aman palace (currently under construction, will be completed… soon-ish).

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