This may be the most insane E-tool alternative we’ve ever seen

Designed for the ultimate outdoor experience, the EST Survival Shovel contains 18 essential survival accessories in one handy tool

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Sometimes, the simplest tools are the best. Take the standard-issue entrenching tool, or ‘e-tool,’ the tried-and-true companion of U.S. service members for decades. Well, we’ve got an alternative: It ain’t pretty, but it’s damn useful for hiking, camping, and, if the circumstances call for it, potentially bludgeoning a foe into flesh pudding

Indeed, the collapsible shovel’s versatility is among the many reasons why more ‘tacticool’ versions of the classic e-tool have become a popular choice among campers, hikers, and survivalists of all stripes.

Then again, there’s nothing wrong with reimagining the essential camping shovel as a go-to multitool for all circumstances. And that’s where the EST Survival Shovel comes in: Designed for the ultimate outdoor experience, the shovel features 18 essential survival accessories in one handy tool:

The shovel billed as the ‘ultimate survival shovel’ by manufacturer EST raised more than $200,000 on IndieGoGo. Why? Perhaps it’s because it comes with tools including a saw, camping axe, knife, hunting spear, bottle opener, fire starter, hoe, wire-cutter, trowel, survival shovel, hexagon wrenches, nail puller, ice pick, ruler, hook, screwdriver, whistle compass, and rope cutter.

Forged from solid carbon steel for “maximum strength and lifetime durability,” the shovel’s military-grade aluminum handle also contains a waterproof storage container that can store waterproof matches and other camping supplies, according to EST. 

It also comes with a ripstop nylon pouch for easy portability. 

The survival shovel “is the best survival tool for any and every condition,” according to EST. For just $119.99 with a lifetime replacement guarantee, it can be yours to actually put to the test. Just don’t kill anyone with it. [Buy]


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