Finally, A Stealthy Smokeable Multitool For The Pothead In Your Platoon

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The Swiss Army Knife is likely the most recognizable multitool in human history. Sure, it may not be as functional as the Gerber MP600 that’s standard issue for American soldiers or as daunting as the Chinese military shovel, but the legendary pocketknife is a necessity for opening MREs, cutting 550 cord, and a billion other small tasks that may arise on the battlefield. It cuts, it clamps, it screws and it tweezes — it won’t save your life, but it’ll make life a hell of a lot easier.

But there’s one thing the standard Swiss Army Knife doesn’t do: Get you high as balls.

That’s where the High Knife comes in. Designed by Georgiana Weddington, the custom-made marijuana pipe is designed to invoke the versatility and retro feel of the class Swiss Army Knife.

The High KnifePhoto by High Knife NYC

“When alcohol Prohibition ended in 1933, America saw the advent of high end design in all manner of cocktail shakers, glasses, swizzle sticks and bar accessories,” High Knife explains on its website. “The 21st century will similarly see a new era of prohibition ending and the creation of equally creative accessories. While utilitarian implements will always have a place in the market, the new-found freedom will inspire people to seek more elegant solutions.”

Forget the aesthetics — this bad boy may be the perfect combination of functionality and discretion, a quick and easy way to sneak in a toke during your down time rather than hiding from your spouse. Plus, they’re relatively cheap at a mere $50 at High Knife’s website.

If you’re going to blaze on a bivouac, you might as well get something out of it other than the munchies.