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If you’re anything like me and got hooked on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” in 2010, you probably spend way too much time planning what you would do if the world ended tomorrow — zombies or otherwise. You might want to add Bruder’s EXP-6 to your post-apocalypse wish-list.

Made by Australian off-road adventuring brothers Toby and Dan Bosschieter, this mobile home is more of a military tank than a casual camper.

After 18 months of research and development, the duo came up with the Bruder EXP-6, which is described in the promotional video as a “bespoke off-road expedition trailer” that blends the best of hard-walled, off-road camper design with features more commonly found on truck-based expedition vehicles used by remote travellers.

The suspension system, according to the manufacturer, is what sets the EXP-6 apart.

“Our suspension is softer riding and more supple than any other design on the market,” Bruder claims. “We achieve this through having greater wheel travel and through the use of our 8 vertically mounted shock absorbers.”

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As hardcore as the exterior of the camper is, the inside manages to be fairly luxurious. It can sleep up to six people, has two refrigerators, and a boasts spacious bathroom with a fold-down sink to free up even more space.

The EXP-6 is available globally, and can tow behind most sport utility vehicles, but the price tag is pretty hefty. The basic model runs around $105,550 with the premium version hitting right around $116,000. But, really, who needs a house when you can own the premier zombie-survival caravan?