These 4 Celebrities Didn’t Serve In The US Military, And We’re Very OK With That

June 21, 2018

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I think I’ve seen every list, article, and VH1 video concerning celebrities and their military service. Hell, I may be responsible for some myself. As I do once every two months, I was reading through my personal and comprehensive collection of Maxim magazines. But after a deep moment of meditation, I had an epiphany: At this … Read More

Our Top 5 Badass Fictional Warplanes, Ranked

June 20, 2018

Warplanes, Helicarrier
There are few sights more exciting than a futuristic fighter jet tearing across a clear blue sky. In video games, movies, and comic books, these slices of imagination dominate the skies and look good doing it. And whether or not they’re hitting Mach 3 during an attack run against invading aliens or attempting to topple … Read More

How To Spot Plastic Patriotism, Using ‘The Troops’ For Your Pet Cause

June 19, 2018

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Plastic patriotism only appeals to the lowest common denominator of American. It’s the kind of rah-rah posturing that the-less educated, less-intelligent, less-motivated, and wholly immature of our population seek when they’re unable to find any satisfaction in their personal lives. Its structure, its nature, is designed to give the satisfaction of success to people who … Read More

7 Important Suggestions For The Future Space Force Slogan

June 18, 2018

Space Force
It’s not the first time a space-based U.S. military branch has been discussed — or debated, and lampooned — but as of Monday morning, it’s now official: the Space Force will be the sixth branch of the U.S. armed forces. “When it comes to defending America, it is not enough merely to have an American … Read More

The Life Of The Lower Enlisted, In 5 Memes

June 16, 2018

lower enlisted military memes
Every day, Task & Purpose community manager Aaron Provost keeps an eye on what the military and veterans community is talking about. This week, he offers a brief visual guide to the daily successes and failures of America’s fighting men and women in the style pioneered by the post-9/11 generation: dumb f*cking memes. Welcome to … Read More

Far Cry 5’s Vietnam Expansion Is ‘Rambo’ Meets ‘Tropic Thunder’

June 15, 2018

After weeks of losing myself in the rolling hills and country roads of Far Cry 5’s fictional Hope Country, Montana, strewn with the bodies of cultists who dared to stand against my all powerful shovel launcher, I’ve moved on… …to the ‘Nam. Earlier this month, Ubisoft dropped its first downloadable expansion for Far Cry 5, … Read More

A Military Widow ‘Bachelorette?’ What Could Go Wrong?

June 14, 2018

Editor’s Note: This article by Amy Bushatz originally appeared on, the premier source of information for the military and veteran community. File this one under: “And we thought Reality TV couldn’t get worse.” The answer, as always, is “yes, it can.” Casting producers for an upcoming Fox Network show are “searching the country for … Read More

Is The Marine Corps Right For You? Here’s Our Guide To Which Branch You Should Join

June 14, 2018

marine Corps military branches
For a veteran or service member, getting asked “which service is right for me?” is a lot like when someone asks you if they should get a burger or a salad. Looking at their gut, the correct answer is salad, but we both know they’re going to get the burger, so your opinion on this … Read More