The CIA Had A Top-Secret Manual To Help U-2 Pilots Avoid Crapping Their Pants At 70,000 Feet

October 18, 2018

u-2 spy plane pilot manual diet
How exactly do the pilots of one of the world’s most sophisticated spy plane take a dump during flights of between 8 and 12 hours at twice the altitude of commercial airliners? The answer is simple, according to the CIA: They don’t. Back in 1962, the CIA put out a top-secret manual explaining the ins … Read More

The Guantanamo Mystery Novel That Captures Military Life Between The Cold War And 9/11

October 17, 2018

guantanamo bay 1990s
How does the old joke go? “Nostalgia is heroin for the middle class.” Which explains why recent war-related fiction and nonfiction feels so punishing, the opposite of a relaxed, stoned haze – it is hard to get nostalgic about events still beating you on the head. This well-meaning literature gives a limited perspective, can’t reflect … Read More

Ecuador To Julian Assange: Clean Up After Your Damn Cat

October 16, 2018

julian assange
The Ecuadorean embassy in London has sent Julian Assange a memo instructing him to clean his freaking bathroom and take better care of his cat. The nine-page memo, written in Spanish, instructed the Wikileaks founder to look after the “well-being, food, hygiene, and proper care” of the cat, or potentially face the pet being taken from … Read More

Sailor Accused Of Getting Drunk And Streaking Around Amusement Park

October 15, 2018

A 21-year-old sailor assigned to the USS George H.W. Bush was arrested on Friday for allegedly getting hammered and streaking through the quad of the Busch Gardens parking lot. Police told the Virginian-Pilot that Adrian Gilbert Cardenas was tased after attempting to fight bystanders and at least one police officer in the amusement park’s lot, where … Read More

Movies And Shows You Need To Watch To Understand The US Military, By A British Army Officer

October 12, 2018

band of brothers
I’m not sure that books are necessarily the best medium for understanding the US military. I’m inclined to think that a combination of television and movies (the ultimate expression of American culture as they are) are probably more help in understanding the US military. At the very least they show us (foreigners) how the Americans … Read More

A Sailor’s Worst Nightmare: When Mom Inadvertently Turns You Into A Viral Meme

October 9, 2018

Oh boy, what did mom do now? We suspect that’ll be the thought other military personnel will likely have in the future after one poor, unsuspecting sailor got caught up in a viral meme started by his mom on Twitter. What started off as an innocent tweet from the unnamed mom extolling the virtues of … Read More

We’re Loving This Official DoD Video Of Cartoon Soldiers Killing Stuff

October 3, 2018

The Pentagon has revamped its official website of with better-looking graphics, improved experience, and snazzy videos of cartoon soldiers protecting our way of life. “This change was long overdue,” White said. “Drawing on lessons learned from our successful #KnowYourMil campaign and best practices from across the web, we are making the necessary reforms to … Read More

The Best Movie About PTSD Isn’t About War

October 3, 2018

fearless ptsd movie
Tom note: Here is an article by the author of one of my favorite books on PTSD, titled The Evil Hours. We all know that almost all movies about our post-9/11 wars are heinous. So it is perhaps unsurprising that the best PTSD film ever made has nothing to do with war, 9/11, Iraq or … Read More