5 questions only a veteran would ask the Sergeant Major of the Army

Even SMA Michael Weimer has screwed up in a way that made everyone do push-ups.
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Some of the Task & Purpose team is at the Army-Navy game in Boston today, talking to veterans and active-duty leaders from several services. 

They got some time with Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Weimer. Weimer, the 17th SMA, took over the post this August. He’s had a long career: he enlisted in 1993, became a Green Beret in 1996 and has served in a variety of roles around the globe. And since he’s had such a long career, the Task & Purpose team asked him the kind of questions only a veteran would ask. And we have to say, his last answer? Perfect.

5 questions for Michael Weimer, the 17th Sergeant Major of the Army

1 – What MRE main meal are you trading away every single time?

Tuna. The tuna one’s gone. Someone else is going to swap something else for tuna. Tuna and noodles if I remember correctly.

2 – What’s something you messed up that caused everyone to have to do push ups?

Probably showing up in the wrong uniform. We all did pushups for me showing up in formation in the wrong uniform.

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3 – What is your biggest suggestion for solving the recruiting crisis?

Getting the word out, how awesome it is to serve your nation. That to me is key. Tons of opportunities, but man, serving your country is awesome. 

4 You’ve got a long career in the military, in the Army, what’s the thing that stands out the most from your time in uniform?

Something that should be the simplest answer…okay, today. Today, I’ll tell you, being at the Army-Navy game with my daughter being a plebe at West Point in the Corps of Cadets. That’s pretty doggone cool.

5 – Last one: when you’re going on deployment, or a long training exercise, what’s the one creature comfort you’re absolutely making sure you have with you?

My woobie. My poncho liner, that’s coming with me. 

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