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Calling For Writers At Task & Purpose

In launching Task & Purpose, the Hirepurpose team hoped to create a new digital platform that could capture the voices of America’s veterans and broader military community in order to generate awareness of the multi-faceted narrative surrounding veteran affairs that is dominating the mainstream media.

In the last few months, we have seen the coverage of veterans-related events distorted, dumbed down, and misrepresented by news outlets that fail to explore the veteran and military communities they cover.

This narrative has led to three things: a greater divide between the military and civilian populations, a response from veterans and civilians alike demanding a greater accountability by the media, and a call for veterans to take charge of their own narrative through the might of the pen.

That’s what drives the mission behind Task & Purpose: the need for well-written analysis and commentary on veterans and greater military affairs.

We’re looking for strong writers to share their voice on a variety of issues; from breaking news, to personal stories, to analysis of trends and issues in the armed services. Whether you’re a well-published author, a novice writer, a veteran, or even a military spouse, we’re interested in sharing your voice with our audience.

There’s a Benjamin Franklin quote that we love: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”

Our question for you is this: why not both?

If you’re interested in being considered for our growing network of talented and passionate contributors, fill out thisapplication, or email us at, to give us an idea of your background and interests. Once we review your details, someone from our editorial board will contact you to take the next steps.

As a member of the modern military community, you have experiences and skills that the rest of your generation can only begin to imagine. The narrative that follows promises to be a formative chapter of the American story. Help us write that narrative and make it our own.