Discover supports military veterans, service members, and families

Her decision to leave the United States Air Force as an Intelligence Officer was a tough one, but ultimately, Kelly Hill knew it was the right choice for her and her family. Now she's forging a successful career at Discover

Editor’s Note: The following story highlights a veteran at Discover Financial Servicescommitted to including talented members of the military community in its workplace. Discover Financial Services is a client of Hirepurpose, a Task & Purpose sister company. Learn More.

Her decision to leave the United States Air Force as an Intelligence Officer was a tough one, but ultimately, Kelly Hill knew it was the right choice for her and her family. Her husband had transitioned to the Navy Reserve shortly before they got married, and when they thought of their future together, providing balance and stability for their growing family was an important value. But Hill didn’t know how to leverage her military experience, or which career field she wanted to pursue.

“It was a terrifying time in my life,” she says. “I didn’t know what skills I had to offer or how to market myself.”

Hill and her family relocated to Chicago, where she’s forging a successful career at Discover. “I had a veteran friend who worked at Discover and gave them such high praise for the values, work culture and environment, that I knew it was a place I wanted to be,” she says.

Today, Hill is a Senior Manager in the Business Risk Department. “In the military, we are always managing ambiguity,” she says. “Whether it’s personnel turnover, a permanent change of station, or anything else, you’re always in a constant state of flux. That type of environment teaches you how to manage the unknown, and it made me more adaptable and flexible, which is one of the top qualities I rely on in my day-to-day job at Discover.”

Best of all for Hill, she feels strongly that Discover truly honors, supports and welcomes its employees from all parts of the military community.

“Our veteran employee resource group, Honoring Military Veterans, gives veterans and those who want to support the military a place to connect, network, volunteer and support one another,” she says. “It makes work feel like more than just a job; it’s a community, a family that supports one another, which is especially important for all military veterans, because transitioning to the civilian world can be a scary place to be.”

Discover doesn’t just focus on the veteran or service member, though — it takes care of the entire military family.

“While I’m a veteran, my husband continues to serve in the Navy Reserve, and we are a military family,” says Hill. “It’s such a stress relief for our entire family that my job supports me at work and at home, helping to maintain a sense of balance while my husband is away for either training or a deployment. It’s great to work for a company that doesn’t just say they support military families, but truly does through their actions, benefits, and programs that support us during the tough times.”

During her transition from the Air Force to civilian life, Hill didn’t know what she wanted, only that she wanted to work for a company that values service, volunteerism, integrity, and respect. She advises today’s transitioning service members to know the type of company they want to work for.

“Discover is everything that I was searching for personally and professionally, and it has been extremely rewarding,” she says. “Not only do I love what I do, but I feel supported as a veteran, working mom and military spouse.”

The company offers all kinds of options for anyone thinking about next steps in their career.

“Discover is looking for people who can tackle difficult problems, constantly improve, and come together to lead and manage teams,” Hill adds. “It’s a great place for military veterans and spouses alike.”

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