Make the Call – stories of community, connection and a pledge to reach out to your brothers and sisters in arms.

Task & Purpose began with a mission to engage, inform, and stand up for our community. That means listening to the servicemembers, veterans and others who make up our readership and tackling the issues they’re facing head on. Make the Call was created to address the isolation and mental health crisis that plagues servicemembers and veterans, and promote the people and programs that are helping to build stronger connection and community. 

Our task is to tell stories of real veterans overcoming incredible challenges and the amazing supportive communities that have helped them do it. Our purpose is to inspire the community to stay connected and to reach out to those in need. 

Our pledge.

I pledge to find strength in asking for support when my burden starts to feel too heavy to carry alone. I will not wait until things feel too hard before I make the call for help. 

I pledge that when things are good, I reach out to my brothers and sisters to check in.

I pledge to honor my journey by offering myself compassion and the opportunity to see better days. I will not be ashamed of my need for others but will acknowledge that I can’t do life alone. 

I pledge to make the call when I’m struggling – to a friend, a family member, someone I trust, or someone who can help me.