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“RC Car,” a commercial created for Toys “R” Us by the ad agency, BBDO Atlanta, brings up feelings all too memorable for military families with service members deployed during the holidays.

The scenes show a boy and his father preparing for Christmas by making a gingerbread house, decorating the tree, participating in a pageant, and visiting Santa. Though at first it seems to be a commercial about a doting single father, the appearance of a remote controlled car reveals a different family dynamic.

As it speeds through the room, the car — being operated by a force unknown — leads the boy through the kitchen to the back door. There, he is greeted by his mother returning home from deployment.

The emotional homecoming story is one that military families undoubtedly recognize. Each family has its own tale of embrace at the airport, unexpected appearance in a classroom, helicopter greetings on tarmacs, and of course, the surprise return home through the back door.

The way that Toys “R” Us captures the essence of the holidays during deployment, and the sentiments felt when a service member comes home, stands out among the typical over-the-top Christmas advertisements commonly released during this season.

Toys “R” Us, in partnership with the USO, has backed up its sentiments through a pledge to share holiday cheer with servicemen and women across the country through its programming this year.

Watch the commercial below.