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Veterans Only Parking Doesn’t Go Far Enough

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I can’t park my car like everyone else. I’m a Veteran, I’m special and more equal than everyone else. I need special Veterans only parking spots. We shouldn’t stop there, if we care about our veterans we’ll make “veterans only airports” and “veterans only subway stations” also. 

Before anyone gets upset, this is meant obviously as a joke. I know the people who came up with this idea are being kind and generous and their intention is to be good people. I’m just poking fun at the fact that special treatment for people who are not disabled in at all and who do not legitimately need the extra help, is a little bit condescending. There, have I explained the joke so fully enough that its no longer funny? It was never funny in the first place? Okay great, carry on! 

Veterans only parking spots are being added in Florida, New York and around the country.