David Leffler

David Leffler is a contributing writer for Task & Purpose. The son of an American war historian and the grandson of a Vietnam veteran, David’s interests range from international politics to homegrown American tech.

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Monsoor Sham
This Muslim Marine Vet Wants To Change The Way Americans Think About Islam
How a Marine Corps veteran has started a national dialogue with one simple statement: “I’m a Muslim and a Marine. Ask anything.”
mt500 2
Gear & Tech
You Can Buy This Badass Military-Inspired Harley Right Now
It’s estimated there are fewer than 500 of these beasts left in the world.
Fake Service Members Are Scamming Civilians And The Army Isn’t Having It
The Army has a new enemy: Romance scammers who impersonate soldiers and rob people looking for love online.
A Cushman golf cart modified by TARDEC to be driverless.
Gear & Tech
The Army Is Speeding Ahead With Self-Driving Medical Transport
These autonomous vehicles are designed for one mission: transport wounded soldiers.
Shoot training for hunter squad at the Norwegian Army Special Operation Command
‘Hunter Troop’ Is The World’s First All-Female Special Operations Unit
In 2014, Norway created the world’s first all-female special operations unit — out of necessity.
Arch Motorcycle's KRGT-1
Gear & Tech
Keanu Reeves Is Building Custom Bikes, And They Look Awesome
Keanu Reeves will build your dream hog from the ground up. For a price.
Collapsed Japanse balloon on American soil, 1945.
Balloon Bombs — How Japan Killed Americans At Home In WWII
During WWII, the Japanese sent thousands of floating deathtraps across the ocean with one goal: burn down the Pacific Northwest.
Lance Cpl. Gerardo Sanchez Rivera, a 26-year-old supply clerk with 25th Marine Regiment, checks his phone for one of the last times July 21, 2010, before deploying in support of Exercise Shared Accord 2010.
Gear & Tech
This Indestructible iPhone Case Is Built For Battle
This phone case wasn’t designed for pencil-pushers.
Staff Sgt. Steven Howell, tank commander and Yucca Valley, Calif., native with Company C, 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, maneuvers through rough terrain on a dirt bike.
Gear & Tech
New Spec Ops Dirt Bikes Combine Stealth And Speed
These powerful stealth dirt bikes can generate energy for critical battlefield needs and are no louder than an electric toothbrush.
BALAD, Iraq--Sgt. Beau Saucier, a 5/7 Cav. team leader, kicks in the door on a suspected insurgents house druing a raid.
Gear & Tech
New DARPA Tech Gives Soldiers Futuristic Edge In Urban Combat
DARPA’s VirtualEye program could change the way soldiers maneuver on the urban battlefield.