This ammo box offers heavy-duty stackable storage — and it's currently half off

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If you've ever used an old metal ammo crate to pack up a bunch of random items, then you understand how essential they can be for keeping your shit safe and organized. But if you're looking for a heavy-duty plastic option, then look no further than the MTM Case-Gard ammo crate for reliable storage.

The MTM ACR4-18 Ammo Crate utility box is a hefty vehicle for hauling not just ammo, but all kinds of gear. Measuring 17.8 inches by 10.6 inches and just five and a half inches deep, the utility box is designed to haul up to 65 pounds of assorted gear with two strong side handles.


Each box is designed for stackable storage, complete with a water-resistant O-ring seal to keep items dry, four tie-down points on the sides, and a double padlock tabbed for security, according to the company. 

Sure, it's not necessarily as robust as the tried-and-true metal ammo can, but the ACR4-18 Ammo Crate offers a great source of simple storage with highly-durable polypropylene plastic. Even better: it's made in the USA.

While the ACR4-18 Ammo Crate normally costs around $35, you can currently score one for $15.95 with free shipping and handling on Amazon for a total savings of 54 percent. Not bad; not bad at all. 


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