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There are few better things in life than the taste of a cold beer on a hot summer day, basking in the open air with the sun lapping at your face and the perspiration beading down an icy bottle of your favorite brew. So why not invest in a few items to make that first beer you down after a day of hiking or camping even better?

Here at Task & Purpose, we’ve selected some of our favorite accessories for enjoying a cold one in your belly when it’s a hot one outside.

GrowlerWorks uKeg Pressurized Growler

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The uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler from GrowlerWorksGrowlerWorks

Don’t let the $149 price tag scare you: the uKeg 64 pressurized half-gallon growler is worth every penny. An industry standard crafted from vacuum-insulated stainless steel, the uKeg is basically a 64 oz miniature keg, complete with a CO2 regulator and pressure gauge for the discerning drinker. Did we mention it comes with its own dispenser tap? [Buy]

Mancan 128 Machismo Kit

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The Mancan 128 Machismo kitMancan

The aptly named Mancan 128 Machismo, is very clearly marketed for bros who like to show off. But the Mancan is actually fairly reliable as a 128 oz picnic keg, perfect for a group camping trip or boozy ruck marches. [Buy]

TrailKeg Pressurized Growler

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The TrailKeg pressurized growlerTrailKeg

Crafted from two layers of vacuum-insulated stainless steel, the TrailKeg can keep a full gallon of beer ice cold for a full 24 hours. And unlike other systems, the TrailKeg was explicitly designed with a removable tap and regulator for transportation and storage during more rugged outdoor adventures. Sure, $199 is a little expensive, but if you’d rather not pound warm beer from a bottle at the end of a hike, it might be a good option for you. [Buy]

The Hydro Flask

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The Hydro Flask 64 oz beer growlerHydro Flask

The Hydro Flask 64 oz beer growler is a great simple alternative for the outdoor beer meister who doesn’t need the pressurized keg systems of the uKeg, Mancan, and TrailKeg. Made from stainless steel with a leak-proof seal to maintain carbonation, the exterior coating makes for a perfect grip for more active circumstances — and, according to the company, it can keep liquids cold for up to a full day. [Buy]

Stanley Classic Vacuum Stein

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The Stanley Classic Vacuum SteinStanley

A stein is usually associated with raucous beer halls than the relative calm of the great outdoors, but we’ll make an exception for this bad boy from Stanley. With a vacuum seal and a steel inner lid to avoid plastic contamination of your brew, it’ll keep your beer cold for up to 9 hours. That is less than, say, the Hydro Flask, but just fine for the casual adventurer. [Buy]

Yeti Hopper Two Cooler

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The Yeti Hopper Two coolerYeti

Sure, Yeti’s seen its fair share of controversy in recent months, but keeping your beer cold doesn’t have to be a political act! Besides, there’s a reason why the company has carved out a niche in the outdoor cooler arena. The Yeti Hopper Two Cooler borrows the design of modern hazmat suits to lock in water and ice, and the relatively lightweight and tapered design makes for a far easier hauling experience than your typical red-and-white beer cooler. [Buy]

The Icemule

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The Icemule beer backpackIcemule

If an over-the-shoulder cooler isn't your jam, consider the Icemule backpack. Highly durable with a 30-liter, 24-can carrying capacity, the Icemule is an ideal beer bag for rough-and-tumble excursions. Plus, it’ll keep ice intact for an entire day — without leaks. Nice. [Buy]

Personalized Craft Beer 12 Pack Bottle Cooler

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A Personalized Craft Beer 12 Pack Bottle coolerAmazon

The Personalized Craft Beer 12 Pack Bottle Cooler is for the man who doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a cooler, or haul tons of beer every which way, but also likes staying frosty. This compact cooler can lug two dozen beers and comes with a metal opener, removable divider, and adjustable shoulder strap for just over $50. Not bad. Not bad at all. [Buy]

Yeti Rambler Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Colster

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The Yeti Rambler Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel ColsterYeti

The Yeti Rambler Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Colster is a 1) stainless steel, 2) vacuum insulated, and 3) cheap as hell. Need I say more? [Buy]

A tactical koozie

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A tactical koozieAmazon

For when you have a bender at 5 but have to fight ISIS at 10. [Buy]

A bottle breacher

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A .50 cal opener from Bottle BreacherBottle Breacher

For when you need to lay down suppressive fire on sobriety [Buy]

American flag silkies

Aw yisssssss

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Because fuck you, that’s why. [Buy]

A GoPro

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A GoPro, obviouslyGoPro

Because we don’t always remember the great memories we make. [Buy]

BONUS: Tattoo removal cream

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Tat B GoneAmazon

Good luck with that, champ. [Buy]