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Welcome to The Gear List, a semi-regular series where we spotlight the best discounts and deals on tactical gear, outdoor equipment, and everything in between.

Earlier this week, we brought you some of the best last-minute Father’s day gifts out there. We won’t point any fingers, but some people procrastinated and are reading this right now. Those people have one last chance at not disappointing dad any more than they already have. Thankfully, Cabela’s has some discounts that will satisfy your dad’s taste and save you enough money to pay for expedited shipping.

Instead of dredging up the usual ties and grilling-themed shirts, we picked through Father’s Day deals to find stuff your dad will actually be excited to open and — brace yourself — may even use. Brands like Gerber, CRKT, and Beretta are here to save the day with discounts on the gear your dad deserves. If none of those are what you’re looking for, you can always give dad a Cabela’s gift card and let him pick his own present.

Let’s stop wasting time and get down to business. You’re here for a (very) last-minute gift, after all; not to get guilt-tripped by some guy on the internet.

These prices were valid at press time, but prices can change and deals do expire.

Price: was $49.99, now $39.97
Seller: Cabela’s

Sure, you could get your dad a card with some witty observation about yard work; or you could get him a knife that he can use to trim branches, clean fish, and cut open boxes of all the stuff he ordered because nobody was considerate enough to buy it for him.

The Gerber Ultimate is a great buy in the world of survival knives because it’s tough, practical, and versatile without being priced out of reach for budget-conscious shoppers. The partially serrated blade is great for tackling the unknown. Its metal hammer pommel is a nice touch because we’re all guilty of improvising a hammer from time to time. The rubber handle might be the most practical element of this knife because it provides a secure grip even when dad’s hands are wet or dirty.

This wouldn’t be our first choice for surviving alone in the wilderness, but it’s a great piece of gear to have in the truck, boat, or RV. It will at least put a smile on your dad’s face and he’ll have plenty of opportunities to actually use it.

Price: was $59.99, now $49.97
Seller: Cabela’s

If your dad appreciates the finer points of rugged manliness, he’ll love the CRKT Woods Chogan tomahawk. If you’re as bad at saving money as you are about buying gifts on time, you’ll love the reduced price.

In a world of blacked-out tactical gear, this tomahawk stands out with a real hickory handle and old-school head shape. It can be used to strip firewood of branches, chop kindling, fashion a shelter, or throw at a backyard target. The functional head has a hammer on the back, just like traditional bushcraft tomahawks. It’s an excellent blend of practicality and nostalgia.

If dad enjoys spending time outdoors, this will be a big hit. At the very least, he can build an ax-throwing target and take out his frustration after nobody else gets him a present this good.

Price: was $119.99, now $54.88
Seller: Cabela’s

Lots of dad enjoy shooting. A lot fewer dads care about what they wear, and that can, unfortunately, include shooting glasses. Eye protection is important, so don’t trust your dad’s eyesight to whatever cheap ballistic glasses are rattling around in his range bag right now.

These protective glasses from Beretta meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard. Touchpoints get treated to soft materials that will keep your dad’s nose and ears comfortable. Lens options include light neutral, light magenta, light purple, and brown. Small, laser-cut holes increase airflow behind the lenses and reduce fogging.

Beretta Clash shooting glasses retail for $120, but you can scoop these up for less than $55. You are under no obligation to disclose your savings if you need to one-up a competitive sibling in the race to be dad’s favorite.