This Nerf Gun Fires Endless Rounds At 70 MPH

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Reloading blows. Fortunately, you’ll probably never need to with this beast: Nerf’s Nemesis MXVII-10K.

This Nerf blaster is not to be trifled with, a point made abundantly clear by Popular Mechanics which reviewed it first. It’s fully automatic and unloads an unbelievable number of dense yellow balls from a gigantic hopper on top in a matter of moments. The balls come zipping out of the Nemesis at 70 miles per hour, or put another way; at 102 feet per second.

The Nerf gun uses two battery-powered wheels underneath the plastic hopper on top — where the balls are stored — to grab the balls and sling them out of the barrel at a surprisingly high speed for a kid’s toy. The hopper itself holds up to 100 rounds, which is a crap ton. It’s so many in fact that it takes a full minute to reload.

The blaster also has a full stock, though it’s more for storage than function, after all automatic Nerf guns aren’t known for recoil, though they are known for needing batteries, and this beast is no exception. It requires a whopping six D batteries. Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through a ton of disposable batteries, you can use the rechargeable packs from Nerf, which plug into an outlet and power up in a few hours.

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When fully loaded and charged, the blaster can fire for about 25 seconds non-stop before running out of rounds, with a slight shake required here and there to get the balls flowing from the hopper.

The Nemesis will be available this fall for around $100, which may seem a bit steep for a toy gun, although the idea of blasting coworkers and friends with hundreds of yellow Nerf balls is tough to put a price on.