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A man of the world owns many tools for many purposes, but today’s knives are mostly engineered for cooking. A classic chef’s knife will make you competent and composed in the kitchen; a carving knife will establish your role as the man of the house at Thanksgiving; and a hunting knife can help you get right to the heart of, uh, whatever it is you’re working on.

But sometimes, situations call for a knife with one clear function: combat. That’s the deadly logic behind United Cutlery’s M48 Cyclone Fixed Blade, a wicked blade meant to scare the bejesus out of your baddies.

Photo by United Cutlery

This Savage Combat Knife Will Strike the Fear of God Into Your Enemies

Sure, it’s not as simple or elegant as the standard-issue Ka-Bar combat knife the Marine Corps made famous during World War II, but the Cyclone certainly lends itself to a painful, messy fate for your foe — gnarly enough to keep anyone from messing with you again. Forged from stainless steel into a fascinating spiral design, the 8-inch blade is meant for stabbing and piercing.

But as our friends at HiConsumption point out, the bottom of the fiberglass and nylon handle holds a special treat for Cyclone owners: United Cutlery’s infamous “skull crusher” pommel — an extra-wicked coup de grace for foolish close-in adversaries.

This Savage Combat Knife Will Strike the Fear of God Into Your Enemies

You can pick up one of these horrifying blades for just $62. As unusual as it may look, the Cyclone is the best knife to add a little intimidation to the deadly dance of combat — and the best way to make your enemy shit himself before he dies.