Last week, the military experienced several high-profile training accidents that left a total of 10 people dead. On Thursday, June 2, in unrelated incidents, a Blue Angels F-18 and a F-16 Thunderbird crashed. The pilot of the Thunderbird was able to safely eject; however, the Blue Angels pilot, Capt. Jeff Kuss, was killed in the accident.

That same day, a deadly truck accident killed nine soldiers and injured three more in Fort Hood, Texas, when the vehicle got stuck and overturned at a low-water crossing following several days of heavy rains and flooding.

And on June 7, two South Carolina Air National Guard F-16 fighter pilots crashed midair in eastern Georgia Tuesday night during routine night-flying operations. Luckily both pilots were able to eject safely.

Could these accidents have been prevented?

On episode 21 of Task & Purpose Radio, Lauren, Weirick, and Nate discuss training and readiness and whether there’s a correlation between budget cuts and accidents across the military.

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