A narrowly avoided car accident in D.C. on Monday put one tally in the “win” column for Army PT belts. 

Two soldiers were using a cross-walk at Memorial Circle on Monday when they were nearly hit by a car, according to local ABC affiliate WJLA, which was filming a report at the same time and caught the incident on video. Thankfully, it appears no one was hurt.

Now, I’m not saying they were saved by their PT belts, but I’m also not not saying that. 

I’m also fairly certain that we were approximately five seconds away from watching this soldier absolutely lose his shit on the driver of this car, had the camera kept rolling.

Army photo

Memorial Circle is (ironically) undergoing construction “to improve safety in and around Memorial Circle by reducing conflicts between trail, walkway, and roadway users,” WJLA reported. 

Drive — and run — safe, y’all.