Last month, Razoo announced the launch of #DayForTheBrave, the first national giving event to support veterans, to be held on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2015. #DayForTheBrave is Razoo’s first pro bono giving event, intended to jumpstart a national movement so that Americans are not simply giving thanks, but giving back to nonprofits that support veterans and military families.

Since 2006, Razoo has helped nonprofit organizations raise more than $450 million through its online crowdfunding platform. As the innovator of 24-hour giving events, we work with clients to unite like-minded groups of organizations — from community foundations, to education institutions, to animal welfare groups — for a single day of online fundraising around a common theme. But for Veterans Day this year, we're trying something different.

#DayForTheBrave originated from a challenge I made to the Razoo team to find a worthy pro bono cause for the company. As the son of a veteran, this cause resonates for me personally. Veterans and servicemembers have given much in support of their country; now we believe it is our turn to give back — and to help others give back — to those who have served.

Many Americans may not be sure how they can personally support our veterans. But everyone is aware of Veterans Day even if they don’t observe it in a meaningful manner. We’re making a simple request of Americans: Find one organization during #DayForTheBrave that you think is deserving of your support, and then give whatever you can. And once you’re invested in that cause, take the time to learn more about that organization and how it helps our veterans and military families.

There will be plenty of organizations to choose from. On Nov. 11, some 200 veteran nonprofits will raise funds through individual giving pages.

Until Friday, Oct. 30, we are accepting requests to participate from all veteran-focused nonprofits that are 501(c)(3) organizations in good standing with the IRS. So if you work for or volunteer with a group that could benefit from #DayForTheBrave, encourage them to join. There are no costs to participate.

Since this is the inaugural year of #DayForTheBrave, our initial goal is that participating groups collectively raise $1 million. Five years from now, we hope to enable deserving veteran nonprofits to collectively raise $10 million or more on this single day.

We believe that the act of giving should be fun, which is why all of our giving events incorporate the concept of competitive “gamification.” Donations made on an organization’s page on will count toward one of several “leaderboards” that we will be running on Veterans Day. Organizations that are most successful at fundraising will receive additional prizes provided through the support of sponsors, including The Home Depot Foundation and our own Razoo Foundation.

Not everyone needs to be a veteran advocate. But by rallying people together to both give and learn this Veterans Day, we believe that #DayForTheBrave can shine a spotlight on the needs of our veterans and build greater connections between the American people and the 1% of the population who have served.