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Here Are 5 Crazy Miniature Weapons That Can Really Kill

Do you want to be able to defend yourself, but not deal with the hassle of carrying around heavy weapons? YouTube, as always, is here to help. After scouring the archives, we compiled this list of tiny but deadly weapons that prove size really doesn’t matter.

Hat tip to The Guardian’s recent report on the proliferation of kids’ tiny crossbows for inspiring us to hunt for the five most lethal miniature weapons. Here’s what we found:

There’s the toothpick crossbow, which has two uses: You can either bring the pain to your enemies or get that stubborn piece of spinach you have stuck in your teeth. (Very carefully.)

This tiny katana shreds everything from paper to people.

Then there’s the baby revolver. Which, frankly, speaks for itself.

This 2-inch slingshot can smash bottles and shoot arrows. So you can play Cupid next Valentine’s Day. Try not to aim for anyplace near the eyes.

And last, but certainly not least, is the miniature flamethrower, which is probably just big enough to let you fry bugs or roast a marshmallow. But it looks really cool.