James Clark

James  Clark

James Clark is a senior reporter with Task & Purpose, and provides a mix of pop culture commentary and in-depth analysis of issues facing the military and veterans community.  

Since joining Task & Purpose in 2015, James has covered a variety of topics, from in-depth analysis of veterans’ access to healthcare in rural communities to the Department of Veterans Affairs medical marijuana policy, and has published enterprise pieces on longstanding issues like the Feres Doctrine and the now-repealed Widows Tax.

When he isn't rooting through court filings, medical records, or dry documents on federal policy, he's writing video game and film reviews, waxing nostalgic over his favorite movie scenes, and asking service members and vets the questions that really matter, like: "Have you ever yelled so hard you crapped your pants?" and whether an A-10 Warthog actually slows down when it fires the GAU-8 Avenger.

James served in the Marines from 2008 to 2012 as a combat correspondent and deployed twice to Afghanistan as an attachment to 1st Battalion, 6th Marines. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Literature, and remains adamant that it absolutely wasn't a waste of time and money. (It totally was.)