All The Ways Drill Sergeants Call Cadence In One Video

James Clark Avatar

If you’ve spent any time in the military, you’ve likely heard the following: “Leff, leff, leff, righ’ a layoo.”

Cadence is as common as it is diverse with no two ever sounding quite the same. It’s used to help keep formations in step and occasionally to boost morale, entertain, or even harass the listeners; each drill sergeant, drill instructor, or noncommissioned officer leaves his or her mark.

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A video by Yusha Thomas, an online entertainer and apparel designer, perfectly captures the different ways Army drill sergeants call cadence.

Uploaded in March, the YouTube video is aptly titled, “How Drill Sergeants Call Cadence.” There’s the guy who watches entirely too much television and works the “SpongeBob SquarePants” theme song into his routine; the one who seems hell bent on making marching a religious experience; and the drill sergeant who makes the cadence just a little too personal.

Check out the video by Thomas below.