These Savage Blades Were Forged For A Zombie Apocalypse

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When the dead eventually walk the face of the earth, your weapon of choice may be the deciding factor as to whether you live or die. Guns are useless once you run out of ammo, the crossbow or compound bow are clumsy and inefficient, and a bludgeoning tool requires a ton of muscle to fully destroy the brain. And don’t even think about using your fists.

To that end, solid, reliable blade is probably your best bet, but why have one when you can have four? That’s where the Biohazard Zombie Hack N’ Slash knife set comes in.

Forged from black stainless steel and featuring handles wrapped in “zombie green” nylon (hence the name, apparently), the Hack N’ Slash offers the perfect set of savage-looking knives to withstand any undead assault — and scare the bejesus out of human adversaries in the process. And each blade comes with an appropriately bejesus-scaring name like Lilith’s Kiss, Quick Kill, Bloodline and Hexad — all for just $80.

Of course, you’ll need to be damn talented with a blade to avoid cutting yourself open while flailing around like a wounded bird, but even if you go down against a horde of undead monsters, you’ll look pretty damn badass in the process.

Just don’t bring these out in public before the apocalypse strikes. Otherwise you might look a bit like this:


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