Ahh, recruiters: the future soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine’s first official introduction to the U.S. armed forces and a figure who will live in infamy forever thanks to the truest maxim in the modern military: “My recruiter lied to me.”

Now, don’t get us wrong, the vast majority of recruiters are dedicated professionals tasked with a tough assignment that forces them to work brutal hours on an unforgiving timetable to keep the military stocked with fresh troops. But, some of them do lie. Usually, it’s a little fib like “sure, you’ll have a say in where you’re stationed,” which is sort of true, you do have a say, but nobody cares where you wanna go. Have fun at Twentynine Palms in California. Other recruiters, well, they’ll say just about anything to get that signature on the dotted line: “Sure kid, enlisted soldiers can totally fly jets in the Army. Atta boy, Maverick. Yeah, definitely go open contract…”

With this in mind, we asked our beloved readers on the Task & Purpose Facebook page to tell us the biggest lies your recruiter ever told. And boy, you didn’t disappoint.

“Medic? What’s a medic?”

“Yeah, you can definitely do that later.”

“You’ve got a bachelor's degree? Definitely enlist.”

“Pretty sure there’s a waiver for that.”

“Details are for POGs.”

“Thanks so much, Staff Sgt. Jodie.”

“Free haircuts!”

“What are ‘signing bonuses?’”

“Of course you can change your MOS after a year!”

“Your military experience will be 100% transferable to the private sector.”

Was your recruiter named Hannibal Smith?