An Army Humvee crashed into the front of the 3rd Infantry Division’s headquarters building on Fort Stewart, base officials said. There were no injuries and one arrest.

Pictures circulated on social media Monday morning, July 10, of a Humvee that appeared to have smashed halfway into the the entrance of the 3rd ID’s headquarters, smashing a set doors beneath large lettering of the division’s nickname, “Rock of the Marne.”

A spokesperson for the 3rd Infantry Division confirmed the crash and said the driver had been arrested but did not offer a motive.

“At approximately 10 a.m. a military vehicle drove into the front of the 3rd Infantry Division headquarters (building 1) on Fort Stewart,” Larson told Task and Purpose in an email. “There are no injuries as a result of the incident. The driver is in custody and U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division and Military Police are on the scene. There is no active threat at this time and the incident is under investigation.”

Other pictures on social media depicted an arrest of a man wearing no shoes and a tank top and shorts, but that picture’s relation to the crash and the man’s identity could not be confirmed.

The building serves as the headquarters for the 3rd Infantry Division, one of the Army’s oldest and most decorated major units. Its nickname, Rock of the Marne, came from its defense of Paris and the Marne river in World War I. In World War II, the division fought in every European theater. The war’s most decorated soldier, Audie Murphy, was in the 3rd ID.

The Fort Stewart Humvee is not the first to go missing this month. A California National Guard humvee was stolen earlier this month, and, unlike the one at the Georgia base, remains missing.

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