• What has been the most effective naval anti-ship weapon over the last 75 years? Air to ship missiles? Bombs? Torpedoes? No no and no! It has been the good old anti-ship mine, reportsProceedings.
  • The U.S. Navy supply ships that tote oil, fuel, and water carry hoses that can stretch 8 miles inland.
  • The Navy has a SERE school in Maine, out in the hills near Rangeley. And a moron working there pulled a pistol on four instructors. (Tough place: They got 5 inches of snow in the third week of October this year.)
  • Naval Group, a French builder of warships, has designed a novel new attack submarine, the “SMX 31” (from “Sous-Marin Experimental”) that carries as many as 46 torpedoes but has a planned crew of only 15. It purports to do this by relaying on heavy use of AI and also having lithium batteries
  • Could the effort to create a Space Force lead to an uprising among Air Force generals akin to 1949’s “Revolt of the Admirals”? Mike Hennelly raises that possibility here.

Not maritime but two more things I didn’t know:

  • What a battalion S-3 worries about.
  • Vladimir Putin was a mediocre KGB officer, according to an old New Yorkerarticle I read the other night when I couldn’t sleep. He was posted to a backwater post in Dresden, Germany, where he drank many liters of beer and gained 25 pounds. From there, instead of going to headquarters in Moscow, he was sent to monitor foreign university students in Leningrad.
Navy photo