Marines are getting their hands on a brand new rifle sight that will help them reach out and touch someone on the battlefield.

The Marine Corps in January began rolling out the Squad Common Optic (SCO), an adjustable 1 to 8-power magnification scope from Trijicon that will eventually replace the fixed 4-power model Marines have used since 2004. Trijicon plans to get about 19,000 of the new scopes out to Marines by 2022.

The new SCO is adjustable so Marines can zoom in to targets up to 900 meters away or quickly zoom out and fight a close-quarters battle.

“It’s all about making an accurate decision,” said Maj. Kyle Padilla, an infantry officer and optics team lead for Marine Corps Systems Command. “The SCO gives squad leaders or individual riflemen more time to make a decision to eliminate that threat if necessary.”

Made from “nearly indestructible” materials, according to the company, the optic is waterproof to 66 feet and can be mounted quickly on the M4 carbine and M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle systems without the need for tools. It also has 11 brightness settings, including two that can be used with night vision.

“Being able to shoot farther, identify targets at greater ranges and be more accurate will make [Marines] more lethal,” said Chief Warrant Officer 4 David Tomlinson. 

Meanwhile, the Army has decided on its own scope it’s calling the Direct View Optic, a Sig Sauer-made device that will allow soldiers to cycle from 1x to 6x magnification. 

So it appears the Marines are breaking from tradition and getting a better piece of gear than the Army. But I can’t help but think…

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